Swinging: A way to enjoy sex with other people while staying loyal

October 5, 2016 Sara Wells 2

Swinging or swapping is the practice of exchanging partners for sex. Well, this has come as a revolution since many centuries. But, as the world has the tendency of clinging to its conventional beliefs and myths, the art of swinging is still striving so much to gain a positive social acceptance. Most of us are unaware of the better side of swinging. Once you understand its benefits, you will be liberated from all the conservative thoughts of the society. What is swinging? Swinging is the mutual exchange of partners to have sex with. Well, it should be understood that, it is a mutual exchange with the consent of everyone involved in the act. Most of the people believe it to be forceful and no consensual. Well, that is a misconception. And as every human being has the right to do what they desires, there is nothing wrong in swapping the Read More