Keep it Rough: Spanking & Slapping

November 30, 2016 Sara Wells 2

I always enjoyed being submissive with my boyfriend. He was such a bossy guy, and the same was visible in his sexual behavior too. He used to slap and spank me like anything. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we are in a relationship for such a long time. The first time we had sex, he asked me “Do you like slapping and spanking?” Well, as a newbie  to the world of lust, I was unaware of the terms and practices. I thought why he should slap me! Have I done something wrong? Well, many of you must have gone through similar situations or thoughts…. haha. Well, spanking and slapping is nothing to worry about. What is Slapping & Spanking? Spanking is the tapping of a girl’s buttocks with the hand. And slapping is beating gently on spots like thighs, back, and so on. There is immense pleasure from Read More