Public Sex: Why Haven’t You tried it YET?!

November 15, 2016 Sara Wells 0

Are you not ashamed of having fun in public? Do you enjoy letting others watch your personal moments? You feel more comfortable in a public place than in a closed room or remote places? Well, I see a broad future for you. Well you don’t know how to make use of your passion to expose your personal moments? Here I am to help you with my techniques and tips on public or outdoors sex. What is Public Sex? Public sex is the act of having sexual intercourse in a public place. The most common places used by people to have sex are parks, beaches and gardens. One of the basic characteristic that defines a public sex is the visibility. The sex is done publicly with people watching, rather than secretly.     Why public sex? Oh man!!! There are a thousand reasons to love Public Sex. But that depends on Read More