Mutual Masturbation While Watching Porn

November 25, 2016 Sara Wells 0

At the age of 18, I had my first boyfriend. Since I was too young to know well about sex, I never had an intercourse with him. I was so afraid to do it. But whenever we got a chance, we used to watch porn at his house and used to masturbate together. Well, those were the most thrilling experiences in my life. 6 years have passed now; I had a couple of boyfriends after him. Still now, I do mutual masturbation while watching porn. This is because, the pleasure and satisfaction attained on doing a mutual masturbation is unexplainable. And watching porn adds to its beauty. Why mutual masturbation? Well, there are so many scientifically proven reasons to choose mutual masturbation over sexual intercourse. But I am here to explain some advantages of mutual masturbation. Better satisfaction: Mutual masturbation is said to give better orgasms, as the couples can Read More

Adult Videos and How It Could Benefit Our Lives

September 25, 2016 Sara Wells 0

There is so much misconstrued advice out there about watching adult videos.  While studies show a different picture about these kinds of videos helping adults in so many ways, some people out rightly reject these researches based on religious, political, or even personal grounds. Nevertheless, truth be said; as with porn videos, you actually enjoy being educated as well as entertained on sexual matters. If these kinds of videos are watched within the periphery of the law and with a person of age who you are closely related with sexually, then they will offer you innumerable benefits. Of course, this shouldn’t be child porn or anything related! If you are out for animalism or such, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits that come with porn. It is imperative that you consider the setting and environment before you start watching adult videos. In as much as they offer Read More

Watching Porn with Your Partner : Quick Benefits

September 17, 2016 Sara Wells 0

Traditionally, it is said that watching porn is very harmful to your nerves as well as your relationship. Everyone which has our better interest in their mind prevents us from watching porn. Is porn really so harmful? Well, you can’t ignore pornography at all. According to a survey, 25% of all the search engine searches are related to porn. That makes 68 million porn searches per day. Despite the pitfalls porn has on us, it can actually save your marriage life. With the proper mindset and under appropriate situations, pornography may find its place in out bedrooms. According to David Schnarch, a Colorado psychologist, “Porn can actually help foster emotional and sexual intimacy”. Follow are some valid reasons why watching porn with your wife can save your marriage. Shared experience Watching porn alone is ok, but why not watching it with your partner? This way both of you can express Read More