Public Sex: Why Haven’t You tried it YET?!

Are you not ashamed of having fun in public? Do you enjoy letting others watch your personal moments? You feel more comfortable in a public place than in a closed room or remote places? Well, I see a broad future for you. Well you don’t know how to make use of your passion to expose your personal moments? Here I am to help you with my techniques and tips on public or outdoors sex.

What is Public Sex?

Public sex is the act of having sexual intercourse in a public place. The most common places used by people to have sex are parks, beaches and gardens. One of the basic characteristic that defines a public sex is the visibility. The sex is done publicly with people watching, rather than secretly.


Public Group Sex!


Why public sex?

Oh man!!! There are a thousand reasons to love Public Sex. But that depends on the person doing it. But the common reasons are

  1. Some people enjoy exposing their personal moments. They feel more satisfied when being watched. Like some girls love provoking boys by exposing their assets, some couple love exposing their personal moments.
  2. Comfort: Some people find it more comfortable in public. Unlike the closed walls with little light and loneliness, public places are said to give more refreshing fresh air and light.
  3. Some people believe that there is nothing to be hidden from the society. As they are social beings, they should be completely open to the society. Such a positive and intellectual attitude makes public sex more valuable and acceptable.

Tips for Public Sex

Well, imagine a situation where you went to have a Public Sex with your partner in a beach and found that there was no one. You just felt that, there is no difference in having sex in your bedroom. So, you should notice and take care of some important things in public sex.

  1. Make sure that the public place is not so isolated.
  2. Just see the weather forecast before you go for it. What if you went to the beach and it was such a hot day. This could turn you off and make the sex even boring.
  3. Make sure that there aren’t too many people. Unless you are an expert in public sex, too much audience could turn you off.
  4. Choose a place where most of the people do public sex. Well, there are places which are oriented for public sex. A lot of public sex and nude clubs are sprouting around the world. So, it will be best if your spot is a public sex haunt.

So, are you an experimenting type person and yet haven’t tried public sex? You have wasted half of your sexual life dear!! From my personal experience, I can assure you that, Public sex is one of the most exciting feeling, anyone could ever feel.

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