Why men Enjoy Watching Women Kissing

Out of the thousand questions that seem difficult to be answered, this will be the first second and third one. But, if you ask this question to the right person, you could get a thousand reasons though. Yeah! Some feelings are difficult to be explained than being felt.

During the summer vacation of last year, I used to hang around at the beach club with my boyfriend. And we were not alone, as he brings in so many friends with him. And one day his sister came with him for a drink. Well, that was the first time I was seeing her. We talked a lot and got along. She was such a pretty girl and talked too much while she drank like a fish!!

And by the time my boyfriend went to fetch another drink, she longed towards me, as if to tell some secret. As an obedient sister in law, is pushed my ears towards her. Well, she seemed to be so caring that she caressed my hair. But I was startled when she bit my ear. Oh! What the hell is she doing? Ha ha. I felt so funny. I knew my boyfriend was so funny, but his sister seems worse. But soon she pulled my head towards her to kiss me. Well, I couldn’t resist; she had such an awesome pink lips. I thought she would finish it soon. But she kept on kissing me. Well, I got scared thinking what would happen if my boyfriend see this. And before I could make any move, my boyfriend was at my sight and he saw me. Oh, that another break up! I thought. But contrary to my judgement, he signaled me with his hands, as if to relax.

Women kissing each other

Well, this made me confused. He doesn’t mind his girlfriend kissing his own sister??? Oh, he is too liberal. Well, I didn’t resist his kiss and he sat on a couch a bit away from us. He was watching me with so much of curiosity and eagerness. Well, he enjoyed watching me kissing.

OK, now I discovered a simple and funny way to turn him on. But the only mystery remaining in my mind was; why he likes me kissing another girl? As usual I started my research, and after a few months of experiments and explorations, I arrived at some conclusions:

  1. Men get turned on by visuals best: Compared to all other forms of stimulation, men are fond of visual stimulation. Watching stuff would seem more appealing for men than the actual act itself. So, a scene of two girls making out will be more stimulating than a girl actually touching him while his eyes are closed.
  2. Even watching a single girl will stimulate him. So, the reason for loving a lesbian kiss is obvious. I have satisfied many men online, just by showing up myself. So, no man would deny two at a time.
  3. Girls are more beautiful: Now, tell me something. Do you remember the male in the last porn video you saw? Well, most probably you don’t. This is because, girls are attractive compared to men, and men tend to concentrate on girls while seeing a sexual activity. So, a girl kissing a girl would seem appealing than an unattractive man kissing a girl.
  4. Men have extreme tastes: Well, men tend to get stimulated at extreme and unnatural activities. While a men and women kissing each other is a common incident, two girls making out sounds rare, and thus more stimulating.

So, the next time he asks you to kiss another lady, don’t hesitate; it’s just to turn him on. Moreover, everyone would love a change. Go ahead and explore your relationship.


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