Keep it Rough: Spanking & Slapping

I always enjoyed being submissive with my boyfriend. He was such a bossy guy, and the same was visible in his sexual behavior too. He used to slap and spank me like anything. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we are in a relationship for such a long time. The first time we had sex, he asked me “Do you like slapping and spanking?” Well, as a newbie  to the world of lust, I was unaware of the terms and practices. I thought why he should slap me! Have I done something wrong? Well, many of you must have gone through similar situations or thoughts…. haha. Well, spanking and slapping is nothing to worry about.

What is Slapping & Spanking?

Spanking is the tapping of a girl’s buttocks with the hand. And slapping is beating gently on spots like thighs, back, and so on. There is immense pleasure from slapping and spanking. But the thing is that, the number of couples who discovers the pleasure in slapping and spanking is little. Most of the couples are unaware or haven’t tried it.

Why Slapping & Spanking?

Spanking in Black and White

As touch is the best way of stimulation, slapping and spanking has its own relevance. Unlike smooth and gentle touch, slapping and spanking can stimulate fast. Are you afraid of the pain? Ha ha, it’s just a gentle spank and slap; you won’t even feel slapped.

Tips for a better spank & slap sex

  1. Strike should be focused on bottom part of the buttocks. That’s the spot where girls get stimulated fast. Try to strike from bottom, and in an upward motion.
  2. Be gentle while slapping. You might have the tendency to slap harder, but try to control it. Unless you stay gentle in the play, things could turn into a disaster.
  3. Try to find the hot spot. Each girl has a specific spot which is more responsive to slap. Even she might not know this. It is your duty to find the spot; it may be some part of the thing, back, shoulder, or even the cheeks. Yeah baby! Sex is about discovery and exploration.
  4. Follow the slap and spank with a gentle massage. This gives a balanced feel for the partner.
  5. Remove ornaments before you engage in slap and spank sex. Ornaments should be removed, to avoid injuries.
  6. Choose a position which makes it easy to slap and spank. Cowgirl is the commonly used position to spank while having sex.
  7. Couple spanking with grabbing for extra effect on the buttocks. Grabbing tightly on the buttocks will make the girl provoked easily.

So, if you haven’t tried a rough sex yet, give a try. Until I had my first rough sex experience with my boyfriend, I was so apprehensive about it. But, once I came to feel it’s pleasure, I got addicted to it!

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  1. During my last visit to Singapore, I was fortunate enough to have a lovely Chinese gentleman take me and my family around town. He spoke politely and humorously with us, not giving a damn about the fact that I’m a Malay. I honestly hope to find more people like him and yourself, Aaron, the next time I visit.Cheers mate.

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