Tips to Seduce your MILF Neighbor

December 20, 2016 bill 2

Are you such a naughty boy peeping every time at your neighbor’s house to see the hot MILF. Well, why just limit yourself to peeping, when you can really make some move to impress and seduce her. It would seem to be an impossible task, but if you know my tips, it would be just a piece of cake. As a mother of two little children and a wife of a busy husband, I have expert knowledge in this area. Also, I have known many ladies who fell for their neighbouring boys. So, this isn’t a difficult task. If you want to fuck her so desperately, let me help you with my tips. But before that, there is few things you need to know. Why should a neighboring MILF fall for a younger boy? Already in a good relationship with husband, already busy with household work and already dedicated the Read More

5 Basic Rules for an Unforgettable Blowjob

November 7, 2016 bill 0

Seducing and satisfying a man is an art. But, this is also a difficult task. Girls tend to do any stuff to satisfy her man. Oh! I know you are one of them. Well, if you are such a person, who would do anything to make him happy, there is something you should know. Why blowjob? This must be a basic question you all must be having. While everyone is fond of blowjob, no one really knows why they like it so much. This is because, unlike other activities, blowjob directly involves the initiation of girls. Boys always like it when their partner takes advantage in sex. Moreover, the softness and tightness of a mouth is comparatively higher to the vagina, anus or hand. So, the cock feels best, when sucked by an expert in blowjob. How to do a blowjob? Blowjob seems to be a simple and natural task Read More

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Giving your Partner a Rimjob & Fingering

October 15, 2016 Sara Wells 0

If you don’t know what a Rimjob is, it’s simply the oral stimulation of anus. A lot of people enjoy rimjob and fingering. When both of these are done simultaneously, it could give you an ever satisfying and memorable sex. However, most of the people are unaware of the benefits and advantages of rimjob. I am writing this article to educate you with the benefits, tips and tricks in doing a rimjob. How I started loving Rimjob It was before 2 years that I met Joe, a friend of my boyfriend. I knew he had extreme tastes in sex. We used to be close friends and used to talk a lot. And once when my boyfriend was away, Joe came to meet me. He was alone in his house, so he thought of giving me a company. Well, we had a couple of drink and as usual he started telling Read More

10 Basic Tips to Live a Healthier Sex Life

September 22, 2016 bill 0

It is a common thing that as the time progresses, the desire to have love and sex between couples fade away and they get far away from sex. Why so? Well, lots of factors contribute to this situation. But our focus should be on how can you stimulate your hot feelings again as it were ion the wedding night. If you are in the same situation, don’t worry you are at the right place at the right time. Give this read couple of minutes and you will be to find the tips to reignite your hot feelings. Plan Your Dates A famous health journalist, Michael Castleman once said that “Make a date for sex”. Don’t make sex after a fortnight, go for a coffee or dinner, have some wine and do what generally couples do. But you should have a properly fixed time for your romance. People plan everything they Read More