Why men Enjoy Watching Women Kissing

December 10, 2016 Sara Wells 0

Out of the thousand questions that seem difficult to be answered, this will be the first second and third one. But, if you ask this question to the right person, you could get a thousand reasons though. Yeah! Some feelings are difficult to be explained than being felt. During the summer vacation of last year, I used to hang around at the beach club with my boyfriend. And we were not alone, as he brings in so many friends with him. And one day his sister came with him for a drink. Well, that was the first time I was seeing her. We talked a lot and got along. She was such a pretty girl and talked too much while she drank like a fish!! And by the time my boyfriend went to fetch another drink, she longed towards me, as if to tell some secret. As an obedient sister Read More

Keep it Rough: Spanking & Slapping

November 30, 2016 Sara Wells 2

I always enjoyed being submissive with my boyfriend. He was such a bossy guy, and the same was visible in his sexual behavior too. He used to slap and spank me like anything. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we are in a relationship for such a long time. The first time we had sex, he asked me “Do you like slapping and spanking?” Well, as a newbie  to the world of lust, I was unaware of the terms and practices. I thought why he should slap me! Have I done something wrong? Well, many of you must have gone through similar situations or thoughts…. haha. Well, spanking and slapping is nothing to worry about. What is Slapping & Spanking? Spanking is the tapping of a girl’s buttocks with the hand. And slapping is beating gently on spots like thighs, back, and so on. There is immense pleasure from Read More

Public Sex: Why Haven’t You tried it YET?!

November 15, 2016 Sara Wells 0

Are you not ashamed of having fun in public? Do you enjoy letting others watch your personal moments? You feel more comfortable in a public place than in a closed room or remote places? Well, I see a broad future for you. Well you don’t know how to make use of your passion to expose your personal moments? Here I am to help you with my techniques and tips on public or outdoors sex. What is Public Sex? Public sex is the act of having sexual intercourse in a public place. The most common places used by people to have sex are parks, beaches and gardens. One of the basic characteristic that defines a public sex is the visibility. The sex is done publicly with people watching, rather than secretly.     Why public sex? Oh man!!! There are a thousand reasons to love Public Sex. But that depends on Read More

Fetish Joys: Foot Fetish

September 30, 2016 Sara Wells 0

Foot Fetishism is the sexual attraction to feet. Only some people are gifted with such an interest. While fetish joys rare in the society, there are so many things to know about fetish. A person who enjoys fetishism can have better satisfaction, if he or she knows some of the tricks that I am giving below. How to make a Fetish more pleasurable? Well, if you have a taste in fetishism, then there is a lot to know about it. But, now I am just giving you some tips to make the moments pleasurable. Kissing: Kissing is the best technique to turn the person on. So, always bear in mind. Licking: Licking should be gentle and slow. Make sure that the legs are clean before you do this. Biting: Well, don’t be aggressive. Be gentile, and know that soft contacts can turn-on fast. Caresses: You don’t want a teacher for Read More