The idea for this blog started a long time ago, when me and my ( now ex ) partner started getting into a weird path of sexuality and fetishes. We went from a normal looking straight couple, to full blown swingers and fetishists ( both switch ). It was no wonder that I tried to document all this and write about it, since I was actually so overwhelmed about all the things we did, it was all that went into my mind day in day out.

Time passed and after a journey of self-discipline and hours of erotic meditation ( check this out for a brief guide : http://www.wikihow.com/Do-Sexual-Meditation ) I finally came in terms with my reality, which was to be someone that deals with his erotic nature in all aspects of his life. I am proud to practice consent in all my erotic acts/sessions and I despise anything that harms the other person, whether phsyically or mentally. And by harm I don’t mean whip lashes or the pain someone can feel during sex or a BDSM session, but the pain that is not wanted to be felt; the pain that we ask not to receive but our partner somehow decides it’s no big deal. A big no to that.

So here I am, along with my fellow and erotic partner in crime, Sara, to give this small part of the world that’s reading us, a peek into our minds and lives.

Have fun!!